Kitesurfing on beautiful Cyprus Beaches

Kitesurfing in Cyprus is getting extremely popular thanks to the beautiful unspoiled beaches and windy conditions. While not all beaches in Cyprus are suitable for kitesurfing, there are plenty that are perfectly suited for learning to Kite surf.

Cyprus is the third largest Island in the Mediterranean and after Sicily and Sardinia. It is located 200km west of Lebanon and just 100km south of Turkey. Cyprus has approximately 650km of coastline and a population of just over 1 million people.
The island was occupied by the Turkish Army in 1974 and the Island was divided. The east and northern parts, of the Island are still occupied by the Turkish Military and is know as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).  All tourists and even Greek Cypriot citizens can visit north Cyprus.

Equipment Rental

If you’re an experienced kite surfer and want to enjoy some time on the water during your holiday, there are plenty of great beaches to visit for some kite surfing. Kite House Cyprus offers kitesurfing equipment Rentals so you don’t need to carry your heavy equipment around with you or pay additional airport fees when you fly.

Learn to Kitesurf

If you are a first timer who wants to try out kitesurfing whilst visiting Cyprus you can take part in one of our courses. Our Kitesurfing courses generally take place at a beach close to the Akrotiri peninsula, just a short drive from central Limassol.

Our Kite Safari package is perfect for holiday makers who are looking for an unconventional way to spend their days on a beach. We will pick you up from your hotel, provide all kitesurfing equipment and dedicate the next 5 hours to teach you how to kitesurf. At the end of the day we will drop you off again at your hotel or chosen location.

If you are a little more adventurous you can always opt for our 10 hour kitesurfing course, that will take you from Zero to Hero in just a couple of days.

Popular Kitesurfing spots in Limassol


Paramali is the number one summer destination and is ideal for southwest winds. It is located between Limassol and Paphos. The beach is approximately 2km long and and there is plenty of space to manoeuvre your kites. Paramali is a small village and it belongs to the British Sovereign bases in Cyprus. The beach is also home to nesting turtles, no vehicles are allowed on the beach.

Ladies Miles

Ladies Mile is located west of Limassol just after the Main Shipping Port. It is a sandy beach that stretches for miles… Its good to kite there with any easterly winds and is a more popular destination during the winter months. It is also possible to try landboarding here on the open salt lake. There are plenty of places to eat and drink. The beach has a great view of Limassol city.


Akrotiri is a large area located west of Limassol. The majority of “Akrotiri” is occupied by the British Military and is apart of the Sovereign Bases in Cyprus. It is not permitted to access the Military Bases. Akrotiri bay is a small beach with just enough space for  10-15 kitesurfers. The spot is best for  west, south west and north westerly winds and usually has some small waves.

Santa Barbara

The only spot east of Limassol city center. This is a public beach, so it is not allowed to kite surf here during the summer months. During the winter months its an ideal spot for west or south west winds. The beach is quite pebbly and can sometimes be difficult to get in and out of the water. There are lots of places to eat and drink close by.

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