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All year Round!

Cyprus does not only have some of the cleanest and beautiful most beaches in Europe, but also excellent kitesurfing schools! Kitehouse Cyprus, located in Limassol, runs courses in the area of Akrotiri and surroundings of Limassol and Larnaca.

Kitesurfing is an amazing sport, Whether you are an adrenaline junkie looking for a new hit or just want to spend the day on the beach trying something new. At KiteHouse Cyprus we offer a variety of courses and lessons to suit you.

Forget about the overcrowded water sport areas and tourist beaches. Come and join us to learn something new. We provide everything you need to get started. What are you waiting for!!!

Last Kite session with the best instructor, thanks for the lessons!

Peter M.

If you ever want to try kitesurfing in Cyprus, I highly recommend to contact Lubos – it’s like kitesurfing with a local who also speaks Slovak, knows everyone and can arrange everything.


Free Ride

The best way to keep work/life balance – is kiteboarding weekend with Lubos Oslanec & Co. He is best rider in Cyprus to my mind.

Denis A.

Surprising, incredible experience!

Maria K.

Learn kitesurfing in Cyprus

  • Location: kitesurfing is a wonderful sport that will take you to new heights – literally! Unlike other sports, kitesurfing in Cyprus can be enjoyed all year around, windy weather permitting of course! Cyprus is lucky enough to have plenty of beaches and good weather so that you can enjoy kitesurfing or kiteboarding any time.
  • For beginners: we can be your guiding hand and show you everything from set up of the equipment, to handling your kit, and riding the waves. We take individual approach to each customer and design course schedule that works for you based on your preferences. As one of very few kitesurfing companies in Cyprus, we are offering our kitesurfing course in 4 different language – English, Greek, Slovak or Russian.
  • For advanced: if you’re experienced kitesurfer, all you need is to find perfect spot and rent equipment. Beware as some rural beaches come with strong tides and it is not advisable to swim there and kite without any guidance. We are happy to recommend some areas that are best and safe for kitesurfing, if you want to venture off by yourself. We provide transfer to the spots and rent all equipment needed for your level and conditions.
  • Our store: you can also buy kite equipment from our kite surt shop where we have plenty of options for sale. We stock Core Kites, the highest quality kiting equipment you can get. In addition, we offer SUP boards for flat days 😉
  • Repair: in addition to kitesurfing courses, we also offer repair services and maintenance of your equipment. If you have a kite with a hole, or your other equipment needs a bit of TLC, get in touch with us and we can arrange  a fast repair for you.

Enjoy kitesurfing in Cyprus with us and we will give you an experience to remember!

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